Lorenzo Explains Causes Crash at Thailand

Lorenzo Explains Causes Crash at Thailand

Lorenzo Jelaskan Penyebab Kecelakaan di Tikungan 3 Buriram
Jorge Lorenzo, Latihan Bebas 2 MotoGP Buriram, Thailand 2018 / runganSport © Twitter/MotoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — Ducati Team rider, Jorge Lorenzo explained that the mechanical problem that was the cause of the terrible accident in the Thailand MotoGP FP2.

Lorenzo acknowledged that he was scared when his motorbike threw his body on the Turn 3 of the Buriram circuit, carrying his hands and feet with a strong bruise.

This could close Lorenzo’s chance to appear in the race on Sunday.

The Ducati party represented by Davide Tardozzi could not explain in detail the cause of the Lorenzo accident, but he gave a basic explanation.

“We are analyzing quite a deep moment at this time,” the Italian man told reporters as quoted by Crash.

“We don’t know if we can explain it someday, but we want to avoid discussions about Lorenzo’s mistakes,” Tordozzi continued.

Tomorrow morning (Saturday, 6/10) Lorenzo will be re-examined, whether it is appropriate to continue the weekend in Thailand or not.

“Well, seeing the accident clearly I could get a worse injury,” Lorenzo said.

“I can be more injured, or I can injure other parts of my body that were not previously injured, or make the leg hurt.

I’m not 100 percent sure, but I’m sure it’s almost 100 percent that I’m not damaged. So that’s a very good sign.

I am very lucky to have survived the terrible accident.

At this time I was quite calm because I knew it wasn’t my fault.

I was a little worried about falling because I thought that I was hurt and maybe this caused a new accident.

It’s scary. I was afraid of my feet because it really hurts.

“My back is also aching because I rolled over when I fell, my right leg also hurt,” explained the Spanish rider.

Lorenzo confirmed that the accident at Bend 3 Buriram was not his fault.

“It was not my fault because there was a technical problem with the motto, it was the technical error in the motorbike that caused the accident,” said Lorenzo. (DN/eV)

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