Marquez: I Know Dovi Last Turn Style

Marquez: I Know Dovi Last Turn Style

Marquez: I Know Dovi Last Turn Style
Marc Marquez vs Andrea Dovizioso, Race MotoGP Buriram, Thailand 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — Ducati Team rider, Andrea Dovizioso has defeated his toughest opponent three times, Marc Marquez at the final Turn.

First at the 2017 Austrian Grand Prix, then at the 2017 Japanese GP and earlier this year at the Qatar GP.

Dovi almost beat Marquez four times in the same way, but this time in the Thai MotoGP yesterday Dovi failed to execute The Baby Alien.

On the contrary, it is now Marquez’s turn to work on Dovi at the final Bend, Marquez was immediately pleased and revealed that he could finally take revenge on the Italian rider.

In the two laps before finishing, Dovi actually had the same moves to conquer Marquez at the final corner.

It turned out that this was immediately studied by Marquez, in order to avoid the DesmoDovi trap, the end of the final lap.

“I know the Dovi strategy well, because I have lost three times in this way,” Marquez admitted as reported by Motorsport.

“I gave a full boost on the last lap, because I had lost against Dovi on the last lap and that had affected me so far.

But this condition has become a motivation for me to get out of the shadow of the power of the final corner of Dovi, ” closed the Cervera rider.

With victory in Thailand last week, it is likely that Marquez will immediately lock the world title in the next race at the Japanese GP.

Marquez only needed to finish in front of Dovi just to make sure he became champions this year, without the need to wait for the final race in Valencia. (DN / eV)

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