Franco Morbidelli, EG 0'0 Marc VDS © MotoGP.

Potential of Rossi vs Morbidelli clash in MotoGP

Franco Morbidelli, EG 0'0 Marc VDS © MotoGP.
Franco Morbidelli, EG 0’0 Marc VDS © MotoGP.

Tavullia, EN runganSport Franco Morbidelli’s name bounced back after the Italian rider performed superbly throughout the year, especially when he successfully locked the Moto2 world title in the Malaysian series last week.

Morbidelli was Valentino Rossi’s first protege at the VR46 Riders Academy, also the first student of Rossi to win the world title.

In addition, Morbidelli also turns out the first Italian racer who could become world champion in the Grand Prix since the last time Rossi won MotoGP in the 2009 season ago.

“I’m very happy and very proud of Franky. He deserves a world title because this year he is performing at a much higher level than the others.

He has won eight wins, it shows that he dominated Moto2 this year, ” said Rossi to GPOne with a very happy tone.

Next year, Morbidelli’s name becomes one of the Moto2 alumni who will debut in the premier class, the 22-year-old will be Marc VDS Honda’s squad, which means that Morbidelli will share the track as a competitor to the teacher along with a different manufacturer.

Rossi who defended Yamaha and Morbidelli under the umbrella of Honda, whether these conditions will affect their relationship later?

Rossi himself very much hoped nothing happened between him and the disciple.

“When I look bad, then I will look for him and scolded him!” Continued Rossi laughing.

“I feel that he will be very competitive in MotoGP, and indeed we will be enemies on the track, but obviously our relationship will not change, there will be no problem later.” (DN /vU)

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