Shoulder Doctor Surprised Marc Marquez Won Title

Shoulder Doctor Surprised Marc Marquez Won Title
Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda MotoGP 2018 / runganSport English © Twitter.
Valencia, EN runganSport — Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez has hidden his shoulder injury since the start of the 2018 season until the end of the season.

the Spaniard just revealed about his shoulder after the Japanese GP race, at which time he had managed to secure the world title faster.

Dr Xavier Mir, one of the doctors assigned to repair Marquez’s shoulder with an injury to the left shoulder dislocation, said the operation on Tuesday was “more complicated than expected” because the level of joint damage was quite severe.

“I barely understand how he can win a world title like that,” explained Dr. Mir to Marca.

Dr. Mir also revealed that Marquez’s humeral bone, which connects the shoulder to the elbow is quite severe and requires open surgery on the bones and additional work to repair the ligament.

“One hundred percent success is not guaranteed by anyone, but after surgery, even with him falling asleep, we do a stability test, move the shoulders in all directions and it doesn’t dislocate,” Dr. Mir added after successfully repairing Marquez’s shoulder.

“That’s a good sign because when he wakes up, the muscles will hold the bones well,” the Spanish doctor stressed.

Marquez’s main target now is to get fit right away so he can be ready for the 2019 opening test which will take place at the Sepang circuit, on February 6-8. (DN/eV)

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Red Bull: No MotoGP Test for Verstappen

Red Bull: No MotoGP Test for Verstappen
Max Verstappen, Red Bull Racing F1 2018 / runganSport English © Red Bull.

Suzuka, EN runganSport — The Belgian-Dutch Formula 1 Red Bull Racing team rider, Max Emilian Verstappen said that he could not appear in tests with the MotoGP motorbike.

This was conveyed directly by Verstappen, that the sponsor, Red Bull did not give him permission to try out the MotoGP engine.

The driver, who is now only 21 years old, admitted that in early 2018, he successfully passed the motorbike driving license exam.

Verstappen explained to the De Telegraaf newspaper that he now had a Harley Davidson motorbike.

“I have asked the team whether I can try the MotoGP motorbike,” Verstappen said as reported by Sports Mole.

“Red Bull is also a sponsor of MotoGP and I want to try it on the Red Bull Ring circuit or somewhere.

But they say there is no chance. They really say no. They think it’s too dangerous. So that’s how it is,” said the Dutch star.

Previously, a few months ago, MotoGP riders from the Repsol Honda team, Marc Marquez and Dani Pedrosa were given a special opportunity to try out the F1 car that was supported by the same sponsor, Red Bull.

But why if an F1 driver who wants to try a MotoGP motorbike is banned with driver safety? (DN/eV)

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Ducati: Dovi Will Fight for Title

Ducati: Dovi Will Fight for Title
Marc Marquez vs Andrea Dovizioso, MotoGP 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Bologna, EN runganSport — Last year Ducati almost returned to become world champion through their flagship rider, Andrea Dovizioso.

This 2018 season, Dovi again fought for the same thing, but conditions were slightly different because of his competitors, Marc Marquez was at the top of the standings with a greater advantage than the previous season.

So, so far Ducati is rather difficult to realize their dreams of becoming champions.

This is more due to the many errors at the beginning of the season, whether intentional or not.

But, for next year Ducati seems to have prepared itself more mature to challenge the world title.

Dovi certainly can pursue the world title with Ducati, Ducati itself is very supportive of Dovi to realize this, with unceasing development with their test rider, Michele Pirro.

“Pirro always works on future projects. GP19 is the evolution of the previous motorbike and not the revolution, just trying a few small details, but nothing special.

Meanwhile, Casey Stoner wants to retire, but we haven’t decided yet, we still have to talk to him,” said Ducati Corse Manager Davide Tordozzi.

How about the pace of Dovi this season in the eyes of Tordozzi.

“There was bitterness, but there was no regret for Dovi, which he certainly did better.

We thank him for what he did last season and for what he did this year.

There are times when we are wrong, sometimes he is wrong and in Jerez, for example, he is involved in a racing accident.

“Dovi is very competitive and next year he will be better prepared to win the title,” concluded the Italian man. (DN/eV)

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Yamaha Blocked Marquez Brothers Forever

Yamaha Blocked Marquez Brothers Forever
Lin Jarvis & Valentino Rossi, Movistar Yamaha 2018 / runganSport Twitter/MotoGP.

Silverstone, EN runganSport — Since the #SepangClash incident at the end of the 2015 season, the relationship between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez has not returned to normal as before.

Even now they just just respect each other as fellow racers, there is no more friendship between them.

Even more, Yamaha also keeps its distance from Marquez and his younger brother, Alex Marquez.

Yamaha said that Marquez’s brotherhood as long as it would not be received at Yamaha.

Marquez in an interview with Sky Italia at the British MotoGP last week, confirmed that Yamaha Motor Racing’s Managing Director Lin Jarvis immediately said that the Marquez brothers would forever be blocked by Yamaha.

Marquez’s comments reinforce the reason why Alex failed to move to MotoGP next year with Yamaha’s SIC-Petronas Satellite.

“On the Yamaha, the Marquez Brothers aren’t taken into account,” admitted Marquez.

Eventually Alex was forced to stay in Moto2 with Marc VDS, while Petronas Yamaha found two of their drivers, Franco Morbidelli and Fabio Quartararo.

Marquez explained that Jarvis’s statement regarding the blocking of his name and his brother had been around since the 2016 season.

“Jarvis said that he would never see a Marquez on Yamaha.

He said that to me personally in 2016. I must respect and accept his statement,” Marquez continued.

In essence, as long as Jarvis leads Yamaha MotoGP, then don’t expect the Marquez brothers to join the Japanese manufacturer.

Jarvis’s hard attitude towards the Marquez brothers cannot be separated from Rossi’s big influence.

So far Rossi is the life of Yamaha and both parties have run a giant project that is not playing, namely Sky Racing Team VR46. (DN eV)

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Uncovered! Factory Teams Blocked Monday Race Option

Uncovered! Factory Teams Blocked Monday Race Option
Uncovered! Factory Teams Blocked Monday Race Option / runganSport English © Twitter/MotoGP.

Silverstone, EN runganSport — President of IRTA and boss of Monster Yamaha Tech3 Satellite team, Herve Poncharal stated that several factory teams were hampering plans to postpone the English MotoGP race to Monday from Sunday.

The Frenchman sincerely expressed his apologies to the fans who had been rained all day long (there were around 90,000 people along the Silverstone circuit), hit by the wind and cold because they were always postponed and finally canceled.

The decision to cancel was taken from the proposals of all the drivers, except Jack Miller and Johann Zarco on the grounds that the track was dangerous.

“Only Miller and Zarco are still determined to race in the rain.

Embarrassing. You always have to be behind your driver, they are people who take risks and know the condition of the circuit.

“It’s not a good feeling, we have been waiting all day to try the race,” Poncharal said as loaded by Bike Sport News.

“The riders decided that they did not want to race, it was very unfortunate for the audience.

Then we have the option and opportunity to race on Monday, when the Bank in the UK is still on holiday.

We want that option, we want to race on Monday like what happened in Qatar a few seasons ago.

But the decision must be unanimous, and some factory teams do not want to do the race on Monday, so there is no race,” he complained. (DN /eV)

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Reason Race Direction Cancel British MotoGP

Reason Race Direction Cancel British MotoGP
Reason Race Direction Cancel British MotoGP / runganSport © Twitter/Crash.

Silverstone, EN runganSport — The final British MotoGP series was canceled after previously being postponed several times.

British MotoGP was canceled due to heavy rain that swept the circuit area, making a lot of points in the waterlogged circuit quite a lot.

This condition is caused by the Silverstone track new asphalt.

“Yes (cancellation) is a direct result of the new (asphalt) surface of the track,” Race Direction, Mike Webb said.

This cancellation was officially issued after all parties had an intense meeting since the first postponement.

Including the opinions of the drivers are also heard and they say the track is very dangerous and not worthy of use.

“The MotoGP Security Commission has decided that the circuit is not in a safe condition for racing use.

We are disappointed and, not only is the race ruined, but everyone is here,” explained the host rider, Cal Crutchlow.

One of the officials in the MotoGP Safety Commission, Loris Capirossi also explained that all racers agreed that the dangerous track was used by the race.

“Drivers say the track conditions are really dangerous because of the Aquaplanning (puddles on the track).

This weekend’s British GP cancellation incident became the first event after the Austrian series in the 1980s due to snow. (DN/eV)

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Carlo Pernat: Marquez Will Surely Move to Ducati

Carlo Pernat: Marquez Will Surely Move to Ducati
Marc Marquez vs Jorge Lorenzo, MotoGP 2018 / runganSport English © Twitter/MotoGP.

Roma, EN runganSport — Since enlivening the premier class Grand Prix in 2013, the Spanish rider, Marc Marquez remained in Repsol Honda.

Even “The Baby Alien” has renewed its latest contract until 2020.

That is, Marquez will spend 8 years in MotoGP as a Repsol Honda rider.

The combination of a tough team from Japan origin with an aggressive rider like Marquez made all his opponents genuflect.

For the audience began to boss with Marquez domination, he almost certainly won in the series of racing series, no significant resistance from his rivals.

But what if Marquez would move the team and ride a different bike.

Whether Marquez will be brave in the future to look for a new challenge or instead will return to work with the Repsol Honda team.

Italian MotoGP watcher, Carlo Pernat tries to give his response regarding the possibility of Marquez moving to another team.

“In the next three years, Marquez will say goodbye to Honda.

Marquez will replace the bike and he will join with Ducati, that’s for sure,” said Pernat as published Libero Quotidiano.

“I’m sure with what I say now, it will happen and just wait for time,” continued Pernat.

Pernat statement above is just a mere prediction, there is no strong evidence if Marquez is willing to move to Ducati after 2020.

But, if you see Ducati’s ambitions over the years, the odds are likely to exist, considering the manufacturer Bologna was still curious about the racing driver who will can give title to them. (DN/eV)

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Alberto Puig: Different Riding Style is Useful

Alberto Puig: Different Riding Style is Useful
Jorge Lorenzo vs Marc Marquez, MotoGP 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Barcelona, EN runganSport — Next year, two riders from Spain, Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez will be team-maet in Repsol Honda.

Two different riding style will use same bike, Honda RC213V.

Will this condition benefit the team or otherwise?

“The top team wants to have the best racer, that’s what it’s behind and we take this chance.

I do not know how other teams handle it. Maybe they will do it differently.

But Honda is preparing the best bike to give to the fastest racer.

Of course it will not be easy, because the race is complicated and the sport is very difficult.

“It’s complicated, but it’s also a challenge and Honda is always looking for a challenge,” Repsol Honda Team Manager, Alberto Puig said Lorenzo and Marquez on the difference style.

“We are not negotiating intensively with many riders, we want to wait and see how the results of development during this season.

We had informal discussions with other drivers. In the end, we made the decision that we thought was right.

We’re working on crew assembly for Lorenzo. It’s not easy, but we have some ideas. Rough scaffolding has stood up, but it’s still not decided,” Puig continued.

Repsol Honda sure will not be troubled by the difference conditions Lorenzo and Marquez later.

Because all this time Dani Pedrosa and Marquez racing are also very different, the development of Honda has been aligned in recent years with a focus on Marquez.

But the aggressive racing style of Marquez and the soft style of Lorenzo also goes in two different directions.

Interesting to see Repsol Honda football next year through Lorenzo and Marquez. (DN/eV)

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Dall’Igna: Hard to Fight Marquez in Valencia

Bologna, EN runganSport – General Manager of Ducati Corse, Gigi Dall’Igna knows that Ducati’s chances of securing his first MotoGP title since 2006 at the end of the season at Valencia are so low.

But nothing is impossible, at Sepang, the Ducati Tema driver, Jorge Lorenzo almost scored his first win with Ducati if his motorcycle tires did not slip and he almost fell.

After Ducati finished one and two at the Malaysian GP last week, the Italian man was very confident with both drivers.

“Our drivers are smart enough to understand what matters to the team, Lorenzo is a great driver, he understands all this and makes the right decisions,” Dall’Igna told Speedweek.

“Victory is the most important thing in the end. We have a great race at Sepang, although the conditions are very difficult.

Both our racers drove in a beautiful way. I am very happy, “continued Dall’Igna.

Then how Ducati see opportunities Andrea Dovizioso in Valencia, although left behind 21 points from Repsol Honda racer, Marc Marquez.

Could Ducati be back to celebrate his first world title since 2006 then?

“I do not know. It will be very difficult against Marquez. But we are still in the title race until the last race. That’s the most important, no one knows what will happen in Valencia later, we’ll see, “said Dall’Igna. (DN /vU)