First Look! Jorge Lorenzo with Repsol Honda

vFirst Look! Jorge Lorenzo with Repsol Honda
Jorge Lorenzo First Look! Jorge Lorenzo with Repsol Honda, Pre-season MotoGP 2019 Test Valencia, Spain 2018 / runganSport © Twitter/#ValenciaTest 

Valencia, EN runganSport –Spanish rider, Jorge Lorenzo with Ducati Team which will last in 2018.

But the X-Fuera received permission from Ducati to try to use Repsol Honda’s RC213V motorbike at the Valencia Test, Tuesday and Wednesday (20-21 / 11).

Lorenzo will become a Honda racer starting in 2019 until 2020, which is the next two years.

Before the Ducati in early 2017, Lorenzo had spent nine seasons with Yamaha.

So, Honda is the third manufacturer for Lorenzo in the main class.

With Yamaha, Lorenzo won three world titles, while two years with Ducati, Lorenzo managed to win 3 times.

Interesting to see what Lorenzo can do with Honda in 2019 MotoGP later.

Although not trying out a Honda motorbike with a complete orange livery like the Repsol Honda as usual, it is very interesting to see Lorenzo on a different motorbike.

Honda ridden by Lorenzo on the first day The Valencia test is plain black with a few accents, also clearly displayed number #99 belongs to JL on the front of the motorbike. (DN/eV)

Jorge Lorenzo, Repsol Honda, Pre-season MotoGP 2019 Test Valencia, Spain 2018 / runganSport © Twitter/#ValenciaTest.

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Lorenzo “Grateful” to Marquez for Not Blocking His Move to Honda

Lorenzo "Grateful" to Marquez for Not Blocking His Move to Honda
Marc Marquez & Jorge Lorenzo, MotoGP 2018 / runganSport English © AutoSport.

Buriram, EN runganSport — Ducati Team rider, Jorge Lorenzo will move to Repsol Honda next year.

Lorenzo arrived after Dani Pedrosa decided to retire at the end of the 2018 season.

Lorenzo will play with other Spaniards, Marc Marquez for the next two seasons.

X-Fuera admitted “grateful” because Marquez did not block his way to move to Honda starting next year.

Lorenzo even confirmed that he owed Marquez the “welcome” attitude of the Cervera rider.

“For me this means Maquez really believes in himself and he doesn’t want to show any weaknesses,” Lorenzo said when interviewed by AutoSport.

“I owe him the fact that I was able to sign a contract with Honda smoothly because at that time I was in a difficult condition,” he continued.

Lorenzo denied he would be forced into another choice if Marquez blocked his move to Honda.

Referring to Yamaha’s new satellite team, SIC Petronas, Lorenzo explained “I want to continue the race, so I will choose another possibility that I am still open.

I feel better than before and will be very ashamed to say goodbye in such a situation,” he added. (DN/eV)

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Lorenzo Withdraws of Thailand MotoGP Race

Lorenzo Withdraws of Thailand MotoGP Race
Jorge Lorenzo, MotoGP Buriram, Thailand 2018 / runganSport English © Crash.

Buriram, EN runganSport — Ducati Team rider, Jorge Lorenzo decided to resign from the Thai MotoGP, after having an accident on the first day yesterday, Friday (5/10).

Lorenzo actually came to Thailand with a foot injury, which he got from an accident at the Aragon GP two weeks ago.

Yesterday, during the second free practice session, the Spaniard experienced a high-side in the Turn 3 ‘hairpin’ circuit of the Buriram, when the session still left 12 minutes behind.

Despite not having suffered another fracture such as an accident at Aragon two weeks ago, Lorenzo had a severe bruising injury on his right forearm and in his left wrist, and his right leg.

As a result, Lorenzo will not appear in Qualification today and tomorrow’s race, Lorenzo will try to focus on the recovery process rather fitter injury to face three consecutive series after Thailand, namely Japan, Australia and Malaysia. (DN/eV)

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Lorenzo Explains Causes Crash at Thailand

Lorenzo Jelaskan Penyebab Kecelakaan di Tikungan 3 Buriram
Jorge Lorenzo, Latihan Bebas 2 MotoGP Buriram, Thailand 2018 / runganSport © Twitter/MotoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — Ducati Team rider, Jorge Lorenzo explained that the mechanical problem that was the cause of the terrible accident in the Thailand MotoGP FP2.

Lorenzo acknowledged that he was scared when his motorbike threw his body on the Turn 3 of the Buriram circuit, carrying his hands and feet with a strong bruise.

This could close Lorenzo’s chance to appear in the race on Sunday.

The Ducati party represented by Davide Tardozzi could not explain in detail the cause of the Lorenzo accident, but he gave a basic explanation.

“We are analyzing quite a deep moment at this time,” the Italian man told reporters as quoted by Crash.

“We don’t know if we can explain it someday, but we want to avoid discussions about Lorenzo’s mistakes,” Tordozzi continued.

Tomorrow morning (Saturday, 6/10) Lorenzo will be re-examined, whether it is appropriate to continue the weekend in Thailand or not.

“Well, seeing the accident clearly I could get a worse injury,” Lorenzo said.

“I can be more injured, or I can injure other parts of my body that were not previously injured, or make the leg hurt.

I’m not 100 percent sure, but I’m sure it’s almost 100 percent that I’m not damaged. So that’s a very good sign.

I am very lucky to have survived the terrible accident.

At this time I was quite calm because I knew it wasn’t my fault.

I was a little worried about falling because I thought that I was hurt and maybe this caused a new accident.

It’s scary. I was afraid of my feet because it really hurts.

“My back is also aching because I rolled over when I fell, my right leg also hurt,” explained the Spanish rider.

Lorenzo confirmed that the accident at Bend 3 Buriram was not his fault.

“It was not my fault because there was a technical problem with the motto, it was the technical error in the motorbike that caused the accident,” said Lorenzo. (DN/eV)

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Smith: Strange Crash for Lorenzo

Smith: Strange Crash for Lorenzo
Bradley Smith, Free Practice 2 MotoGP Buriram, Thailand 2018 / runganSport English © Crash.

Buriram, EN runganSport — Red Bull KTM Factory Racing rider, Bradley Smith was right behind Ducati Team rider Jorge Lorenzo when the Spaniard experienced a high-side in the Thailand MotoGP Free Practice 2 session.

On-board recordings showed that Lorenzo had a technical problem, with the engine suddenly dead, then the rear tire locked, causing Lorenzo to be thrown from his motorbike at the Turn 3 of the Buriram circuit.

Smith tried to tell carefully the incident that befell Lorenzo, according to Smith the incident looks ‘strange’.

“Obviously I don’t really know what happened. It seems a bit strange where it happened and what happened,” said the Briton told Crash.

“I think Ducati will know more than me, but what I see is very strange and of course the accident is terrible.

“I think the fluid on the track was after Lorenzo fell, the bike was reversed, but until then I didn’t think there was a problem with the track,” Smith said.

Lorenzo was actually still in an injury condition before the accident in Thailand and now he is back in an accident. (DN/eV)

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Crash in Thailand, This is Lorenzo Injury Details

Crash in Thailand, This is Lorenzo Injury Details
Desmosedici GP18 Jorge Lorenzo, Free Practice 2 MotoGP Buriram, Thailand 2018 / runganSport English © Crash.

Buriram, EN runganSport — Ducati Team rider, Jorge Lorenzo will undergo further examinations at a local Buriram hospital after an accident at the Thailand MotoGP Free Fractice 2 session.

The latest information submitted by the Ducati that ‘there is no fracture’ after the high-side Lorenzo in FP2 earlier.

Based on preliminary examinations at the Buriram Circuit Medical Center, Lorenzo suffered a ‘strong bruising’ injury on his wrists and ankles, fortunate not to have broken a bone again.

Lorenzo actually drove with his injured leg, the injury he got at Aragon two weeks ago.

Lorenzo experienced a high-side high in Buriram when passing the Turn 3 of Buriram’s ‘hairpin’.

While analyzing the on-board recording, Lorenzo’s engine suddenly off, causing the rear wheel to lock, kicking sideways and then the highside.

Information via Twitter from Ducati said that Lorenzo would go to the local hospital for further scans. (DN/eV)

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Marquez: No Dispute with Lorenzo

Marquez: No Dispute with Lorenzo
Jorge Lorenzo & Marc Marquez, MotoGP 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — Repsol Honda Rider, Marc Marquez said that the Ducati Team rider’s accusation, Jorge Lorenzo that he was the cause of the accident in Aragon, was not

will affect their relationship later as a team mate at Repsol Honda.

Lorenzo, who had an accident in MotoGP Aragon’s opening lap yesterday, blamed Marquez for the incident under the pretext of taking racing linen, which forced Lorenzo crossed the dirty part of the track.

Thursday (10/4) yesterday, Marquez confirmed that he had contacted Lorenzo by telephone to check his condition, Marquez explained that there was no problem in

between the two, who will be a teammate at Repsol Honda starting 2019 later.

“I talked to him, I called him on Monday the day after the accident, only to find out how his physical condition was because I cared with my future teammate.

He has his own opinion, as well as me. So, I don’t understand to talk more about it,” said Marquez as reported by Crash.

Will this incident make their relationship in trouble?

“No, I’ve talked to him, so there’s nothing,” continued the Spanish rider.

This weekend’s race will take place in Thailand, Marquez comes as the standings leader with a 72-point lead. (DN/eV)

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Marquez Will Leave Honda, Not Because Lorenzo

Marquez Will Leave Honda, Not Because Lorenzo
Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Aragon, EN runganSport — Next year a Spanish rider, Jorge Lorenzo will join the Repsol Honda team, playing with another Spanish rider, Marc Marquez.

Neil Hodgson from BT Sport predicts that the Marquez-Lorenzo duet will not last long, it could be that one of them will move to another team.

“Critics will say that the new Marquez is called a true champion if he tests himself at a different manufacturer, but I think it is a waste load,” Hodgson told Express Sport.

“But because of that he will leave Honda at some point, he won’t spend his entire career with Repsol Honda.

“I think Marquez’s departure will not be because Lorenzo is his team-mate,” Hodgson explained.

In these last two races, in San Marino and Aragon, Lorenzo always failed to finish.

Lorenzo explained that the accident at Misano was purely his own fault, in contrast to what happened at Aragon last week.

Lorenzo took part in blaming the prospective tandem for the incident on the first corner of the Aragon circuit.

The conditions of both of them had heated up before finally cooling off after Marquez built further communication with Lorenzo.

Lorenzo himself is currently still in the recovery phase of his injury and is still doubtful at the Thailand MotoGP next week. (DN/eV)

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Race Results Red Bull Ring, Austria MotoGP 2018

Hasil Lengkap Race MotoGP Red Bull Ring, Austria 2018
Jorge Lorenzo vs Marc Marquez s Andrea Dovizioso, Race Results Red Bull Ring, Austria MotoGP 2018 / runganSport © Twitter/MotoGP.

Spielberg, EN runganSport — Ducati Team rider, Jorge Lorenzo managed to come out as the winner in the Austrian MotoGP race on Sunday (12/8).

Starting the race from third position, Lorenzo was stuck in the early laps, but he immediately restored his position and immediately stuck to the race leader until the competition was very hot.

In the midst of the race Lorenzo had a chance to hit each other first place with Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez, and in two laps ahead of the finish line the two Spanish men were getting hotter.

The second podium position was secured by Marquez with a feeling of disappointment.

Completing the top three finish position, present the name of team-mate Lorenzo, Andrea Dovizioso.

Race Results Red Bull Ring, Austria MotoGP 2018

  1. Jorge Lorenzo, Ducati Team 39m 40.688s
  2. Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda
  3. Andrea Dovizioso, Ducati Team
  4. Cal Crutchlow, LCR Honda
  5. Danilo Petrucci, Pramac Ducati
  6. Valentino Rossi, Movistar Yamaha
  7. Dani Pedrosa, Repsol Honda
  8. Alex Rins, Suzuki Ecstar
  9. Johann Zarco, Monster Yamaha Tech3
  10. Alvaro Bautista, Angel Nieto Team
  11. Tito Rabat, Reale Avintia
  12. Maverick Vinales, Movistar Yamaha
  13. Andrea Iannone, Suzuki Ecstar
  14. Bradley Smith, Red Bull KTM Factory
  15. Takaaki Nakagami, LCR Honda
  16. Hafizh Syahrin, Monster Yamaha Tech3
  17. Aleix Espargaro, Factory Aprilia Gresini
  18. Jack Miller, Pramac Ducati
  19. Franco Morbidelli, EG 0,0 Marc VDS
  20. Scott Redding, Factory Aprilia Gresini
  21. Karel Abraham, Angel Nieto Team
  22. Thomas Luthi, EG 0,0 Marc VDS DNF
  23. Xavier Simeon, Reale Avintia DNF (DN/eV)

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Alberto Puig: Different Riding Style is Useful

Alberto Puig: Different Riding Style is Useful
Jorge Lorenzo vs Marc Marquez, MotoGP 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Barcelona, EN runganSport — Next year, two riders from Spain, Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez will be team-maet in Repsol Honda.

Two different riding style will use same bike, Honda RC213V.

Will this condition benefit the team or otherwise?

“The top team wants to have the best racer, that’s what it’s behind and we take this chance.

I do not know how other teams handle it. Maybe they will do it differently.

But Honda is preparing the best bike to give to the fastest racer.

Of course it will not be easy, because the race is complicated and the sport is very difficult.

“It’s complicated, but it’s also a challenge and Honda is always looking for a challenge,” Repsol Honda Team Manager, Alberto Puig said Lorenzo and Marquez on the difference style.

“We are not negotiating intensively with many riders, we want to wait and see how the results of development during this season.

We had informal discussions with other drivers. In the end, we made the decision that we thought was right.

We’re working on crew assembly for Lorenzo. It’s not easy, but we have some ideas. Rough scaffolding has stood up, but it’s still not decided,” Puig continued.

Repsol Honda sure will not be troubled by the difference conditions Lorenzo and Marquez later.

Because all this time Dani Pedrosa and Marquez racing are also very different, the development of Honda has been aligned in recent years with a focus on Marquez.

But the aggressive racing style of Marquez and the soft style of Lorenzo also goes in two different directions.

Interesting to see Repsol Honda football next year through Lorenzo and Marquez. (DN/eV)

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