Rossi Target Podium at Thailand MotoGP

Rossi Target Podium at Thailand MotoGP
Valentino Rossi, Movistar Yamaha 2018 / runganSport English © Yamaha MotoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — This weekend MotoGP riders will fight in areas that have not been mapped on the MotoGP racing calendar.

Thailand for the first time this year will hold MotoGP, the only capital of the drivers is the result of the pre-season test earlier in the year.

But, not all riders got good test results in February at the Buriram circuit.

One of them is Valentino Rossi, the Italian rider was only able to finish the 8th fastest in the Pre-season test in Thailand yesterday.

However, Rossi still hopes this weekend will be positive for him and hopes to get on the podium in Thailand.

“After a long series of races in Europe, it’s time for us to go to Thailand.

Previously we had pre-season tests there in February.

Buriram is not one of my favorite circuits, but it could be an important racing week to improve our motorbike,” Rossi said confidently.

Rossi’s target this weekend is to take the podium. Rossi was last on the podium at the German MotoGP.

“This is a fun opportunity to meet fans in Asia, they are very fond of MotoGP.

We will try to make the best weekend possible.

“My goal is to fight for the podium and get good results,” Rossi said hopefully. (DN/eV)

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Title Nears, Marquez Excited Race in Thailand

Title Nears, Marquez Excited Race in Thailand
Jorge Lorenzo vs Marc Marquez, MotoGP 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — After winning the MotoGP Aragon two weeks ago, Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez was 72 points ahead of Ducati Team rider Andrea Dovizioso, who was his closest competitor to win the world title.

Ahead of the Thailand MotoGP this weekend, Marquez is excited about getting closer to this year’s championship opportunities.

He was also curious about Thailand, which was the first to hold a MotoGP race.

“This will be a fun race in Thailand for the first time, there will definitely be a lot of fans in the stands, and always be a good feeling,” Marquez said to Crash.

“We have to stay focused and calm, because it is important to manage the weekend well, working in the way we have always done so far,” he continued.

Previous MotoGP racers had already tested the Buriram circuit in the Pre-season test earlier in the year.

Marquez became the third fastest driver at the time, behind his team-mate Dani Pedrosa and Monster Yamaha Tech3 satellite rider Johann Zarco in February then.

“We did a good test in February, but now we have to double-check every detail starting the first free practice later,” admitted Marquez.

“Some parts of the circuit are complicated, but the layout is generally good.

Of course high humidity and temperature will demand on the body, but when you are on the motorbike, you will forget these things and only focus on race,” closed the Spanish rider. (DN/eV)

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Race Schedule Buriram, Thailand MotoGP 2018

Race Schedule Buriram, Thailand MotoGP 2018
Race Schedule Buriram, Thailand MotoGP 2018 / runganSport English © Twitter/motoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — This weekend MotoGP will again hold its 15th series this season, which will take place at the Buriram circuit in Thiland.

This is the first time Thailand has held MotoGP, becoming the second country in the Southeast Asia region after Malaysia.

Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez came as the leader of the standings with a 72-point lead over his closest competitor, Andrea Dovizioso (Ducati Team).

The Buriram circuit, also called the Chang International Circuit, stretches for 4.6 km, with 5 Bends to the left and 7 Bends to the right.

This circuit is one of the narrowest circuits with only the average width of the trajectory at only 12 meters, and the longest straight line is exactly 1 km away.

Thailand’s Moto3 class will run for 22 laps, Moto2 class 24 laps and 26 laps for premier classes.

Race Schedule Buriram, Thailand MotoGP 2018 (Local Time).
Free Practice – Friday, Oktober 5 2018
Moto3 : FP1 – 09:00 – 09:40
MotoGP : FP1 – 09:55 – 10:40
Moto2 : FP1 – 10:55 – 11:40
Moto3 : FP2 – 13:10 – 13:50
MotoGP : FP2 – 14:05 – 14:50
Moto2 : FP2 – 15:05 – 15:50

Qualification – Saturday, October 6 2018
Moto3 : FP3 – 09:00 – 09:40
MotoGP : FP3 – 09:55 – 10:40
Moto2 : FP3 – 10:55 – 11:40
Moto3 : QP – 12:35 – 13:15
MotoGP : FP4 – 13:30 – 14:00
MotoGP : Q1 – 14:10 – 14:25
MotoGP : Q2 – 14:35 – 14:50
Moto2 : QP – 15:05 – 15:50

Race – Sunday, Oktober 7 2018
Moto3 : WUP – 08:40 – 09:00
Moto2 : WUP – 09:10 – 09:30
MotoGP : WUP – 09:40 – 10:00
Moto3 : Race – 11:00 (Fox Sports 2)
Moto2 : Race – 12:20 (Fox Sports 2 & Trans7)
MotoGP : Race – 14:00 (Fox Sports 2 & Trans7). (DN/eV)

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Marquez and Dovi Talk About the 2018 Title

Marquez and Dovi Talk About the 2018 Title
Andrea Dovizioso & Marc Marquez, MotoGP 2018 / runganSport English © Twitter/MotoGP.

Barcelona, EN runganSport — Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez is currently 72 points ahead in the standings from his closest competitor, Andrea Dovizioso.

Marquez has a good chance to lock the world title this season at the upcoming Japan MotoGP.

But, there is still hope for Dovi to catch up with Marquez, because in any race it can happen.

Marquez himself admitted that he could lose the chance for the title this season if he was not careful.

“The work has not been completed, and this will not be finished until my points are not overtaken again.

I can make mistakes, so we must be careful and stay focused,” Marquez said.

“So, this year we need to focus and keep working. In MotoGP, anything can happen, we can make mistakes, we can experience mechanical problems, human errors, track conditions, and weather.

We have to work hard and stay focused on opportunities to win races.

“I always start the weekend with enthusiasm to win and then see what happens on Sunday, and we will continue to do it,” continued the Spanish rider.

Meanwhile Dovi seems to be realistic by not really hoping to win the title this season.

Dovi’s focus is only to win the race.

“To catch 72 points in five races is not possible. The only way is if he is not racing, even though the conditions will still be difficult!

If we want to be realistic, everything can happen in the race and mathematically the opportunity is still open,” said Dovi. (DN/eV)

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Crutchlow: MotoGP Season Lasts Too Long

Crutchlow: MotoGP Season Lasts Too Long
Cal Crutchlow, LCR Castrol Honda 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

London, EN runganSport — LCR Honda Castrol Satellite rider, Cal Crutchlow claimed to feel happy every time he gets a long holiday after the race in December and January every year.

But, lately the British star began to complain a bit because the MotoGP racing season is too long each year.

“The pre-season test at the end of November was very disturbing, and we didn’t need it,” complained Crutchlow.

Crutchlow explained that the drivers did not protest the number of races in a year, the problem was the span of time between the start of the season and the end of a very long season.

“But we racers don’t complain, even though we have 19 races.

“It’s just a pre-season test at the end of November at Jerez that really annoys us, it’s ridiculous,” he continued.

“We have a long season. Of course we will have two months off. I don’t complain about that.

But I do not agree that we have to drive until the end of November. We underwent the last race weekend in Valencia from November 16-18.

Then we pre-season tests there on Tuesday and Wednesday for another two days.

After that we had four days before we returned to a similar test at Jerez, “Crutchlow’s protest was disappointed. (DN/eV)

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Ducati: Dovi Will Fight for Title

Ducati: Dovi Will Fight for Title
Marc Marquez vs Andrea Dovizioso, MotoGP 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Bologna, EN runganSport — Last year Ducati almost returned to become world champion through their flagship rider, Andrea Dovizioso.

This 2018 season, Dovi again fought for the same thing, but conditions were slightly different because of his competitors, Marc Marquez was at the top of the standings with a greater advantage than the previous season.

So, so far Ducati is rather difficult to realize their dreams of becoming champions.

This is more due to the many errors at the beginning of the season, whether intentional or not.

But, for next year Ducati seems to have prepared itself more mature to challenge the world title.

Dovi certainly can pursue the world title with Ducati, Ducati itself is very supportive of Dovi to realize this, with unceasing development with their test rider, Michele Pirro.

“Pirro always works on future projects. GP19 is the evolution of the previous motorbike and not the revolution, just trying a few small details, but nothing special.

Meanwhile, Casey Stoner wants to retire, but we haven’t decided yet, we still have to talk to him,” said Ducati Corse Manager Davide Tordozzi.

How about the pace of Dovi this season in the eyes of Tordozzi.

“There was bitterness, but there was no regret for Dovi, which he certainly did better.

We thank him for what he did last season and for what he did this year.

There are times when we are wrong, sometimes he is wrong and in Jerez, for example, he is involved in a racing accident.

“Dovi is very competitive and next year he will be better prepared to win the title,” concluded the Italian man. (DN/eV)

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