Rossi Explains About Retirement Rumors

Rossi Explains About Retirement Rumors
Valentino Rossi, Movistar Yamaha 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — Throughout 2018, Movistar Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi has never won again.

More precisely since the Dutch series in 2017, Rossi and Yamaha no longer feel the victory.

Yamaha’s main problem is with electronic systems, which greatly affect speed when going in and out of corners, and sometimes always have problems with Michelin rear tires.

Yamaha’s condition is still the same since the beginning of the season, it cannot win and is increasingly less competitive.

Even Rossi himself reminded Yamaha, that good results in Thailand could not be a benchmark for the actual performance of M1.

Rossi stressed that Yamaha’s competitiveness in Thailand did not necessarily solve the fundamental problem of the Japanese manufacturer.

This condition also raises rumors that Rossi will soon retire because of Yamaha problems that have not gone away.

Rossi’s contract with Yamaha will actually end at the end of the 2020 season, but lately the Rossi issue will soon be retiring sooner than the contract period.

However, these rumors were directly challenged by The Doctor.

“The difference between Yamaha and Ducati and Honda is huge, because they work harder lately.

“We have to focus on fixing our motorbike package in general, but it seems that machines and electronics are our most lagging zone,” Rossi said as reported by Corsedimoto.

Rossi also denied that he would retire because of the Yamaha problem that had not been lost?

“I have actually signed the contract officially with Yamaha for two more seasons.

So, I am very confident that I will continue to perform in 2019 and 2020.

I certainly will not change this plan. I still want to race as long as I’m still competitive, because I really enjoy the feeling of being a racer after winning or taking the podium, ” concluded the Italian rider. (DN/eV)

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Rossi: Yamaha Don’t Fooled Thai MotoGP Results

Rossi: Yamaha Don't Fooled Thai MotoGP Results
Valentino Rossi, MotoGP Buriram, Thailand 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — Movistar Yamaha riders, Maverick Vinales and Valentino Rossi were competitive at the Thailand MotoGP last week.

Vinales won the third podium and Rossi finished fourth, a result that was quite encouraging compared to the previous series.

But Rossi stressed to Yamaha that they should not be fooled by good results in Thailand.

Because so far the Yamaha problem has not yet been broken.

“It’s a pity when Yamaha thinks they’ve solved the problem after good results in Thailand, this is clearly a wrong mentality.

In fact, often our engineers were happy when Vinales scored a good time at Free Training, they said, ‘we understand!’

“If I were a Yamaha engineer, I would analyze the results of the second half of the season and I would not be happy about one fast lap or the front row,” Rossi said as reported by MotorSport.

Rossi himself admitted to being surprised by Yamaha’s excellent performance in Thailand, but he suspected the Buriram asphalt surface had a big influence on Yamaha’s success.

“On paper this track is not a circuit that matches Yamaha.

I previously thought we would have difficulties, but in fact we are better here than at Misano then.

For me, the asphalt layout and clutches that really helped us in Thailand were more or less the same,” explained Rossi.

The next race will take place at the Motegi circuit in the Japanese MotoGP. (DN/eV)

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Rossi Explain Podium Failure at Thailand MotoGP

Rossi Explain Podium Failure at Thailand MotoGP
Valentino Rossi vs Marc Marquez, Race MotoGP Buriram, Thailand 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — The last time a Movistar Yamaha rider, Valentino Rossi boarded the last podium was at the German MotoGP.

Rossi actually had a good chance of returning to the third podium in Thailand, but unfortunately his team-mate, Maverick Vinales appeared stronger and took the position of three Italian riders.

“Thailand is the best race for Yamaha in the second half of the season.

We will see during the next race, whether the results are good because of the type of track or whether we really can improve the bike.

“The remaining four races are very important because we have to compete on different circuits,” Rossi said after the race.

For example Ducati, they are strong on all circuits.

At Buriram, we fought in the front group throughout the race, but in the end we always had problems with tires. “I really want to finish on the podium, but Vinales is stronger than me,” Rossi admitted.

Rossi hasn’t really said whether Yamaha can win again?

“Dovi and Marquez were very strong in the second half of the season, from start to finish,” Rossi explained.

“I don’t know if we have the potential to win. The next race will take place at Motegi and this is usually a good track for us.

We hope that the race will take place in dry track conditions, because the year when it rains becomes a nightmare for us,” Rossi explained.

At the beginning of the Thai race Rossi appeared so strong, but why was it so weak on the final laps?

“I feel good with a motorbike and I have enough strength to fight.

So it’s not a physical problem, maybe because Vinales processes tires better than me.

Maybe that’s why he is stronger than me,” Rossi admitted. (DN/eV)

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Rossi: Third Good, but Difficult to Stay There

Rossi: Third Good, but Difficult to Stay There
Valentino Rossi, Movistar Yamaha 2018 / runganSport English © MotoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — Movistar Yamaha rider, Valentino Rossi said that the top three in the standings would be his best achievement this season, but of course that would be difficult retained with five races remaining.

This year Yamaha has had a difficult season, Rossi and his team-mates, Maverick Vinales have never felt another victory after Assen 2017.

Rossi is currently in third place in the standings, 29 points ahead of Vinales and Ducati Team rider Jorge Lorenzo.

“We did the test here in February and the results were not fantastic, plus we were in difficult conditions, so we had to try to appear best possible,” Rossi said to Crash.

“With our pace throughout the season, the top three standings are the best results.

I am now 29 points ahead of Vinales, but given that he is very strong in the second half of the season, it seems difficult to maintain this third position.

But we must try to maintain it and get as much points as possible consistently,” hoped the Italian rider.

This weekend’s race will take place at the Buriram circuit, Thailand for the first time in the MotoGP calendar. (DN/eV)

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Rossi Target Podium at Thailand MotoGP

Rossi Target Podium at Thailand MotoGP
Valentino Rossi, Movistar Yamaha 2018 / runganSport English © Yamaha MotoGP.

Buriram, EN runganSport — This weekend MotoGP riders will fight in areas that have not been mapped on the MotoGP racing calendar.

Thailand for the first time this year will hold MotoGP, the only capital of the drivers is the result of the pre-season test earlier in the year.

But, not all riders got good test results in February at the Buriram circuit.

One of them is Valentino Rossi, the Italian rider was only able to finish the 8th fastest in the Pre-season test in Thailand yesterday.

However, Rossi still hopes this weekend will be positive for him and hopes to get on the podium in Thailand.

“After a long series of races in Europe, it’s time for us to go to Thailand.

Previously we had pre-season tests there in February.

Buriram is not one of my favorite circuits, but it could be an important racing week to improve our motorbike,” Rossi said confidently.

Rossi’s target this weekend is to take the podium. Rossi was last on the podium at the German MotoGP.

“This is a fun opportunity to meet fans in Asia, they are very fond of MotoGP.

We will try to make the best weekend possible.

“My goal is to fight for the podium and get good results,” Rossi said hopefully. (DN/eV)

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New Drama, Rossi Rejects Marquez Handshake

New Drama, Rossi Rejects Marquez Handshake
Marc Marquez vs Valentino Rossi, Press Conference MotoGP Misano, San Marino 2018 / runganSport © Twitter/MotoGP.

Misano, EN runganSport — Movistar Yamaha Rider, Valentino Rossi has refused an offer of handshakes from Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez at the San Marino MotoGP prescription.

The beginning of the conflict both occurred at Sepang at the end of the 2015 season and in an incident that made Rossi get a punishment in the form of the last grid start position in the Valencia final.

Their relationship seems to melt back in 2016, precisely in the Barcelona series.

But he returned to his senses in Argentina last April, when Rossi fell due to Marquez’s soft nudge again, when the race took place in wet conditions.

Ahead of San Marino MotoGP this weekend, Marquez told Sky Sport MotoGP HD Italy, “I want to make peace with him, I have no problem with Rossi.

“In Argentina, everything was calmer. I made a mistake and it was said to be bad luck for Rossi. I also tried to apologize,” Marquez said.

Rossi also claimed that there was no problem with Marquez when the comment was given to him during a press conference on Thursday at Misano.

“I heard this, but I don’t know … Sounds a bit strange, because in reality we didn’t have any problems between me and Marquez,” admitted the Italian rider.

“So I don’t know why we should make peace. For me it’s fine,” he continued.

Rossi was then asked if he would shake hands with Marquez? and what Marquez thought about Rossi’s assessment of the situation.

“For me it’s good, and of course if there is no problem (for Rossi), for me there is no problem …” Marquez said.

Marquez, who sat next to Rossi, then offered a handshake, but Rossi only replied with a smile, shook his head, and remained with his arms folded.

“Like this. I mean, what can I say?” Marquez said in reaction to the insult.

Rossi then reiterated his stance.

“We don’t need to shake hands. We’re fine. We have no problems,” Rossi replied.

This incident could be categorized as a new “Psy War” between the two drivers, who could have re-heated on the track. (DN/eV)

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Yamaha Blocked Marquez Brothers Forever

Yamaha Blocked Marquez Brothers Forever
Lin Jarvis & Valentino Rossi, Movistar Yamaha 2018 / runganSport Twitter/MotoGP.

Silverstone, EN runganSport — Since the #SepangClash incident at the end of the 2015 season, the relationship between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez has not returned to normal as before.

Even now they just just respect each other as fellow racers, there is no more friendship between them.

Even more, Yamaha also keeps its distance from Marquez and his younger brother, Alex Marquez.

Yamaha said that Marquez’s brotherhood as long as it would not be received at Yamaha.

Marquez in an interview with Sky Italia at the British MotoGP last week, confirmed that Yamaha Motor Racing’s Managing Director Lin Jarvis immediately said that the Marquez brothers would forever be blocked by Yamaha.

Marquez’s comments reinforce the reason why Alex failed to move to MotoGP next year with Yamaha’s SIC-Petronas Satellite.

“On the Yamaha, the Marquez Brothers aren’t taken into account,” admitted Marquez.

Eventually Alex was forced to stay in Moto2 with Marc VDS, while Petronas Yamaha found two of their drivers, Franco Morbidelli and Fabio Quartararo.

Marquez explained that Jarvis’s statement regarding the blocking of his name and his brother had been around since the 2016 season.

“Jarvis said that he would never see a Marquez on Yamaha.

He said that to me personally in 2016. I must respect and accept his statement,” Marquez continued.

In essence, as long as Jarvis leads Yamaha MotoGP, then don’t expect the Marquez brothers to join the Japanese manufacturer.

Jarvis’s hard attitude towards the Marquez brothers cannot be separated from Rossi’s big influence.

So far Rossi is the life of Yamaha and both parties have run a giant project that is not playing, namely Sky Racing Team VR46. (DN eV)

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Marquez Missed Rossi Tavullia Ranch

Marquez Missed Rossi Tavullia Ranch
Valentino Rossi & Marc Marquez, Rossi’s Tavullia Ranch 2014 / runganSport English © Twitter/MotoGP.

Silverstone, EN runganSport — Early in the premier class in 2013, Repsol Honda rider Marc Marquez was immediately familiar with Movistar Yamaha star Valentino Rossi.

Even both are always compact, both during races and in everyday life.

They also had time to establish trade relations, where various kinds of Marquez Merchandise were displayed in VR46 Apparel stalls.

Not only there, Marquez was also invited by The Doctor to train together at the VR46 troop training center at his Ranch in Tavullia.

But, after the two were involved in the #SepangClash incident at the end of the 2015 season, the relationship was both tenuous and could not return to familiarity until this moment.

Marquez himself claimed to miss the good times with Rossi, including the moment of training together both at Rossi’s headquarters.

“I will never know if I will come back to Rossi Ranch, because now the conditions are different and it feels more difficult,” admitted the Spanish rider as loaded by Tuttomotoriweb.

“From 2014 and then to a beautiful moment when I was at the Rossi Ranch, I remembered everything about that day.

Do you want to invite me? Rossi did not invite me,” Marquez continued.

After the Barcelona series of the 2016 season, it became a turning point for improving the relationship between Marquez and Rossi, which was also motivated by an incident that took the lives of Moto2 young rider, Luis Salom.

But, the relationship between the two is not as beautiful as it once was, now is only a professional relationship as a fellow racer by showing respect for each other.

Will the close relationship between the two of them be able to return to the whole again as the early years of the arrival of The Baby Alien in this premier class? (DN/eV)

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Yamaha Ready to Leave Rossi for Marquez

Yamaha Ready to Leave Rossi for Marquez
Valentino Rossi vs Marquez, MotoGP Argentina 2018 #TermasClash / runganSport © Twitter/MotoGP.

Madrid, runganSport — Spanish sports media, Diario Gol reveals that Movistar Yamaha MotoGP team, planned to release their flagship rider, Valentino Rossi, in order to bring Marc Marquez later.

The plan is predicted to materialize for the upcoming 2021 season.

This speculation is further strengthened by the arrival of Jorge Lorenzo to Repsol Honda starting next year, this condition will certainly heat up the atmosphere on the Repsol Honda team, between Marquez and Lorenzo.

So, this will be a kind of encouragement to enlarge opportunities Yamaha easier to get Marquez.

On the other hand, Yamaha is seen as a wise choice for Marquez, because two other manufacturers who also want Marquez, namely Ducati and KTM, do not have a motorcycle as good as Yamaha.

Plus Rossi is now aging, will make Yamaha consider to remove the Italian man.

Since joining the main class in 2013, Marquez always appear to dominate with Repsol Honda.

So, it will be very interesting for viewers to see how the action is on other bikes.

Also 8 years with Repsol Honda has been a long time for Marquez to be in the same team.

2021 could be the right time for Marquez to feel another color in MotoGP, as well as proving if he is good on different bike. (DN/eV).

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Marquez Salary Almost Doubles Rossi’s Salary

Marquez Salary Almost Doubles Rossi's Salary
Marc Marquez vs Valentino Rossi, MotoGP 2018 / runganSport © Twitter/MotoGP.

Barcelona, EN runganSport — In these two years, 2017/2018 rider Repsol Honda, Marc Marquez gets a salary of €10 million per year.

Next year, 2019 and 2020, Marquez will receive a considerable salary increase of up to €15 million per year.

Meanwhile, Movistar Yamaha rider, Valentino Rossi must be willing to lose again from Marquez for salary issues.

For the next two years, Rossi will get a salary of about €8 million.

Seeing these figures, Marquez nearly doubled Rossi’s salary.

The count is only the drivers’ salary only, excluding revenues from sponsors and other businesses.

If accumulated overall riders’ earnings in a racing season.

Then Rossi is still a rider with top income, which ranges in figure €25 million.

While Marquez is estimated to be only a maximum of €20 million or equivalent to Rp337 billion per year, losing €5 million from The Doctor.

Rossi has a lot of income including also from his merchandise.

Rossi and Marquez themselves have worked together in merchandise affairs, but unfortunately since the incident #SepangClash at the end of 2015, both of them have cut their business merchandise relationship. (DN/eV)

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